Wetland Delineation & Biological Assessments

Responsive assistance for Section 404 and Section 401 permitting needs. Specializing in wetland delineation reports and analysis for public or private entities. 


Wetland Delineation Requirements & Permitting 

The permitting requirements and reports needed to get a project going can be daunting. KEI provides reliable and responsive assistance to your Section 404 and Section 401 permitting needs. We specialize in assisting engineering firms, construction companies, municipalities, and other governmental organizations with wetland delineation reports and analysis.

Your project schedule is crucial, so it’s important to schedule wetland delineations early. Even if a project is still in the planning stages, reach out to us to schedule your wetland delineation. We can help get the required permitting applications completed and approved early.


What is a wetland?

According to the USACE 1997 Wetland Delineation Manual, a wetland contains inundated or saturated soil conditions and the presence of plants adapted to life in saturated conditions (wetland/hydrophytic vegetation) under normal circumstances. To put it simply, wetlands are characterized by certain soil, water, and plant conditions. These can be observed through proper identification techniques used by wetland delineators.


Do I need a wetland delineation for my project?

Construction projects, building, or moving fill material often impacts wetlands and streams. In these cases, your project may require permits from state or federal agencies. We want to help you identify environmental impacts and obtain the proper permits so that your project is not delayed. Knowing the extent of any wetland on your property will allow you to plan accordingly for your goals and protect you from the possibility of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.


What is a Mitigation Bank?

A mitigation bank is set up for the purpose of protecting a certain quantity of wetlands. A stake, share, or credit can be purchased to “mitigate” unavoidable impacts to wetlands from your project. The size of the impacted wetland determines the number of mitigation bank credits that are needed for any given project.

What does a wetland delineation project involve?

We start by thoroughly researching the subject property using such items as topographic maps, aerial photography, and soil survey maps. Then we complete a field investigation of the site to determine if wetlands are present based on soil conditions, water inundation (if present), and vegetation.

If wetland characteristics are present, the area of the wetland will be determined and marked with flags. We will then head back to the office to prepare a detailed wetland delineation map showing the areas designated as wetlands. These maps can be incorporated into the existing site plan. We will work with your personnel to determine options for your specific site with regard to avoiding wetland disturbance or mitigating wetland losses if they are necessary.

Finally, we will produce a Wetland Delineation Report detailing the observations made at the site. These reports include data sheets on soil and vegetation as well as maps showing all wetland areas. If requested, we will prepare permit applications and coordinate with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for processing the permit.

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