Phase I Environmental Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-13 for lenders, real estate agents, and property owners across the Midwest.


Phase I Environmental Assessment Process

When you hire us to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (or Phase 1 ESA), we start by thoroughly researching the historical use of the subject property using such items as topographic maps, aerial photography, state and federal environmental databases, the local Fire Department, the Department of Health, pollution control agencies, and water quality control agencies. We partner with Environmental Data Resources (EDR) to provide an efficient and comprehensive analysis of the subject site and its history. Examining the local site geology allows us to determine the potential for contaminant migration. Historical land title records are used to determine if past ownership of the property has resulted in outstanding environmental liens on the site.

Site Visit

We then conduct a site visit to review current property usage as well as examine the site for evidence of past property usage. This includes interviews with current and past property owners and examination of neighboring properties from the subject site and public areas surrounding these properties. When needed, KEI interviews environmental regulators having knowledge of the presence or absence of subsurface contamination issues at the site and neighboring areas.


Our final Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report is a comprehensive review detailing the findings of Phase 1 reconnaissance activities. The report summarizes noted environmental concerns related to the property and adjacent areas. Should additional information be required to satisfactorily complete the Phase I report, KEI will notify you as soon as possible so that adjustments to the scope of work and associated costs can be made.  KEI will also summarize the results of additional testing, if conducted. Recommendations will include whether subsurface investigation is warranted based on accumulated evidence of potential contamination. Given the documented history of the site, a recommendation of the sampling locations, the number and types of samples, and all potential analytical parameters will be made in the report. KEI will provide an additional scope of work with associated costs to conduct these activities separately following approval of the Phase I ESA report. See information on Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

Please note: KEI will not make recommendations or guarantees as to the worth of a particular property based on the results of environmental site assessments or whether a party should purchase the property or not based on these investigations.

Phase I and II Experience

We have performed Phase I ESAs at office buildings, gas stations, dry cleaners, and residential structures. This work has taken us all over the Midwest but we typically work in and around the Kansas City metro area. We have conducted assessments in Lawrence, Eudora, Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, and Topeka, Kansas. In Missouri, we work throughout the Kansas City metro area including Independence, Excelsior Springs, and Blue Springs.

Our responsiveness to unique situations and time constraints is what sets us apart from other providers. We strive to meet your needs whether it is a quick turn project or problematic site. We have the capacity to perform additional work on your behalf if it is warranted. We only recommend Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in cases where there is a potential for a Recognized Environmental Condition (as defined in the ASTM) to affect the subject site.

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