Coordination with Regulators & Funding Sources

When you retain KEI, you retain experience with regulators.  We are up to date on applicable regulations and have good working relationships with the regulators and funding sources needed to complete your project.

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Coordination with Regulators & Funding Sources

Once a release has been confirmed, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR, 573-634-2436) or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE, 785-291-3333) is notified. It is very important to also notify your insurance provider at this time as some of the actions taken immediately after the release is discovered may be covered by insurance. Funds such as the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund (MoPSTIF, 800-765-2765) and the Kansas Petroleum Storage Tank Release Trust Fund (785-296-1678) are often the means by which owners of petroleum storage tanks can demonstrate financial responsibility for spill responses.The next steps to be taken will likely be determined by what either of these regulators wants to see done. Digging up a site to remove all soil impacted by the release is not commonly done anymore. More targeted excavation to fix an affected portion of the fuel delivery system is more common today.

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